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9th Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp

The Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (AYLTLC) 2020 for the 9th time here in Singapore. 

AYLTLC provides our participants an exceptional opportunity:

  • To Network with youth leaders from different countries
  • To Learn and Appreciate the beauties of Asian Civilizations through Singapore-a multiracial, multilingual & multicultural society from various perspectives
  • To Develop youth leaders to be effective future leaders

The following are eligible to be a AYLTLC participant:

  • Students aged 16-26(at least 16 but not older than 26 of age at the time of AYLTLC 2020) from schools, colleges and universities around the world.
  • Students who are healthy, curious, aspirant and outgoing.
  • Students who love travelling and learning.

Applicants should also have the following skills and experience:

  • Be fluent in English speaking and writing.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively and express themselves clearly.
  • Be comfortable in working in a cooperative manner.

Timeline & Deadline
5-September-2019: Round 1 Registration Opens
1-October-2019: Deadline for Round 1 Registration
5-October-2019: Round 2 Registration Opens
1-December-2019: Deadline for Round 2 Registration
5-December-2019: Round 3 Registration Opens 
1-January-2020: Deadline for Round 3 Registration
25-January-2020: Packing List and Handbook Released
6-10 February 2020: Asian Youth Leaders Travel and Learning Camp 2020

Program Overview

  • Day 1
    Check-in & Registration
    Ice Breaking Session
  • Day 2
    Opening Ceremony
    Learning Session 1
    Learning Session 2
    Learning Session 3
    Travel Session 1
  • Day 3
    Travel Session 2
    Travel Session 3
    Travel Session 4
    Travel Session 5
  • Day 4
    Learning Session 4
    Discussion Session
    Presentation Session
  • Day 5
    Closing Ceremony
    Awards Presentation
    Farewell & Group Photos

5 steps to participate AYLTLC 2020

  1. Register online or send your application form to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Pay Registration Fee
  3. Pay Program Fee AFTER receiving the Letter of Acceptance
  4. Apply Visa(if needed), purchase Travel Insurance and Air Tickets
  5. Fly to Singapore and experience AYLTLC 2020

Prospective applicants may also access our website at or our Facebook page at

Program Brochure
Application Form


Summer Course on Contemporary Issues on Ethics and Applied Philosophy (For UNAIR’s International Students)

Intenational Office together with Faculty of Philosophy Universitas Gadjah Mada will be held Summer Course on Contemporary Issues on Ethics and Applied Philosophy. It is designed to address the needs to make ethics and practical philosophy thriving again with respect to the contemporary political and public policies challenges in Indonesia and beyond.


Screening Deadline


Program Duration 

8-15 September 2019

In Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



  1. International Student of Universitas Airlangga
  2. Committed towards the program upon nomination


Program Benefits

  1. Program fee waived
  2. Accomodation
  3. Meals 


 Application Procedure

  1. Students must fill ….. and upload required documents by 
  2. AGE UNAIR will review all application after the mentioned deadline
  3. AGE will contact shortlisted candidates for further application process



Indonesian Diversity at Airlangga (INDIAIR) 2019

INDIAIR 2019 was held on 14th – 26th January 2019. There were 25 participants from 4 different countries: Australia, Malaysia, China, and Libya. They learned Indonesian culture for two weeks by having tour and fieldtrips in Surabaya and Malang.

Participants visited several historical landmarks in Surabaya, namely: House of Sampoerna, Monument of Heroes, Majapahit Hotel, and Cheng-Ho Mosque. During their visit to those places, participants had the chance to experience cultural diversities by meeting people from various ethnicities, such as: Maduranese, Arabs, Chinese that has been living in harmony for generations.

In addition to learning cultural diversities in Surabaya, INDIAIR 2019 participants had the chance to learn batik. Batik is part of Indonesian heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The last three days, participants went to Malang to get a deeper understanding about Indonesian diversity by visiting Jodipan village, in which it portrays various different social classes in Indonesia.  Apart from that, participants also visited Jawa Timur Park I, where they can witness many cultural diversities by exploring museums and dioramas representing each ethnicity in Indonesia. 

Strategic Meeting with BBB Korea


Universitas Airlangga, represented by Airlangga Global Engagement and Pusat Bahasa
UNAIR, hosted an initial visit from the representatives of BBB Korea in Indonesia, namely
Ms. Yoonhee Lee as the Assistant Director and Ms. Anastasia Danica Suradja as Associate,
on Wednesday (19/6/2019). BBB Korea is a non-governmental organization supported by the
Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Republic of Korea that focuses on conducting
language and culture projects as main service.

Read more: Strategic Meeting with BBB Korea

Domicile Letter

Domicile letter is issued by your local Village (Keluharan) and is used to make a new KITAS, extend SKTT, and make a new SKTT. You must get an approval from your house owner, head of Neighborhood Community Unit (RT & RW), and head of Village (Kelurahan).


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