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Exploring Bali in SuraBali 2018

The Bali Leg for SuraBali 2018 is officially started on Sunday (22/7). Before the participant entered the room, the committee gave them Beach Sarong to wear and to take home. To start the welcoming reception, the participants are welcomed by a traditional Balinese dance, Belibis Dance. Next, was the Opening remarks from the Director of Center for Internatiional Programs Udayana University, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, SE., M.Si., Ak., Ph.D., CA., CIBA., CBV., CMA and then followed by the speech presented by the Vice Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S.

Next on the agenda, was the general presentation by Bali Tangi, and Bumi Ayu Bungalows, the companies to visit for the Business Model Canvas and Presentation assignment, as the main task in this year’s SuraBali.   To end the day, participants are then taken for a city tour around Denpasar City to visit some of the landmarks such as Jagatnatha Temple, Perjuangan Rakyat Bali Monument, and Bali Museum. Not just sightseeing, the participants also went to souvenir shop to buy Balinese souvenirs and handicrafts.


Al-Wali Foundation Visits UNAIR, Talks about Future Collaboration

On Monday (23/7) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) welcomes a visit by the Al-Wali Foundation from the Netherlands. Participants of the Al-Wali Foundation toured the Universitas Airlangga’s Dental Hospital in Campus A as well as a campus tour through the Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Medicine as part of their international community service program. The Al-Wali Foundation is a Non-governmental organization (NGO), headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. The organization have their own pilot village near Kediri in East Java and for approximately two years, they have worked in this village for community services. The organizations send volunteers from the Netherlands and help the local communities, one of them is by building important infrastructures. Participants from UNAIR’s students as well as staff from the Center of Research and Community Services of Universitas Airlangga (LPPM UNAIR).  Both parties have acknowledge the need in helping others that are in need and have agreed for a joint event in the year to come.

SURABALI Participants Visit Local Kampung

On Monday (17/7) the participants of SURABALI visited Kampung Genteng Candirejo, in Surabaya. The visit is a part of the SURABALI experience of learning firsthand from local communities in Surabaya and tackling issues that deeply affected them. In this case, the 57 participants of SURABALI learns environmental issues from the local communities and how they can overcome them.

Participants were there, learning about the necessity of water filtration in order to maintain the water supply of the Kampung. The participants build simple water filtration devices, from stone, dirt and leaves to provide clean water for everyday activities such as washing dishes, washing clothes, washing vehicles and so on. As Kampung Genteng Candirejo is a cramped area, the locals there decided to create vertical farming to provide lush green ecosystem to better the air quality in the area. They also learn firsthand on the issue of waste management and recycle from the local communities, especially on the usage of manure for agriculture, which the participants also made.

The session was then ended with participants learning and making Jamu, an Indonesian traditional herbal drink from the locals. Participants are also entertained by learning and playing traditional Indonesian games, such as Bakiak and Egrang. Through these activities, its hope that the participants could enrich their knowledge on sociopreneurship, which is the core of the current SURABALI Program. (ec)

Day two of Cultural Exposure, the SURABALI Experience

On Tuesday (17/7) the 57 participants of SURABALI encounter another day of social and cultural learning in Surabaya. Participant’s day was very much packed with activities bound to make them learn and experience more of the Indonesian culture in general and Javanese culture in particular. In the morning, participants started their day with a lecture by Sony Kusumasondjaja, Ph.D. regarding the importance of socio entrepreneurship for communities in Indonesia. The lecture was met by a very enthusiastic participants who present interesting questions and arguments for the lecturer.

The day was followed with another cultural experience. The participants were entertained with a traditional dance performance from the Faculty of Dentistry’s Saman Dance Club. They introduced to the participants the traditional dance of Saman, native from the Province of Aceh which is quite popular to welcome guests. The performance awed the participants who were amazed by the intricate dance moves made using their hands and body. It isn’t just watching though as the participants also partake dancing lessons and performed the dance by themselves!

The day was closed with another cultural experience, which is the cultural performance of Reog Ponorogo, a traditional musical and dance performance from Ponorogo in East Java. Participants’ aslo visited the Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Monument) in Surbaya. In all, the day was filled with cultural experience to better help and understand Indonesian culture. (ec)






Indonesian-Heritage (In-Herit) Program at Universitas Airlangga

INHERIT program officially began last Monday (07/02), with the first day consisted of attending a welcoming ceremony and a short orientation in the morning. Once the orientation was successfully delivered, all participants were being introduced to Battra (Pengobatan Tradisional) and Javanese massage, before they were given a chance to practise what they have learned about Javanese massage by pairing with their friends and performed it on each other.

After they spent a whole day learning about Javanese massage, the next day they got to learn about a different sort of message, namely Balinese massage. Again, the participants got to have fun practising as a Balinese massager. Apart from the massage, another Indonesian heritage which was introduced to the participants was Indonesian traditional medicine known as Jamu. The workshop itself took place in Jamu Iboe, a famous jamu café in Surabaya located in Gubeng area.

The third day fell precisely on 4th of July 2018, where participants visited the Mangrove Ecopark Surabaya. They learned about Mangroves such as tried Mangrove's fruit extract and took a stroll through mangrove area with some of the locals. Moreover, they got the chance to enjoy another view of mangrove area by taking a boat ride across the river and the beach surrounding the Ecopark area.

After the participants learned about Indonesian traditional medicine (Jamu), they had the opportunity to do some practice work and make ‘Jamu’ by their own on the fourth day. On the same day, the participants also had a course and discussion about TOGA (Indonesian Herbal Medicine) and learned about Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments known as Gamelan.

In the next day, the participants were having a more intense course and practical work about Indonesian Herbal Nutrition. After that the participants visited Madura and learned about Madurese Batik. At the end of the day, the participants were having a briefing for their farewell-trip to Mount Bromo.

The sixth day was the last day for the participants in Universitas Airlangga before they were going to continue the In-Herit Program at Universitas Sebelas Maret, Solo. The participants were having a full-day fun activities at Mount Bromo as their farewell-trip. Their activities began with enjoying Bromo’s sunrise at Petigen together. After that, they went to ‘Teletubbies Hill’, Bromo’s Crater, also Madakaripura. 



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