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Universitas Airlangga welcomes a Courtesy Visit from Ohio State University


On Monday (24/9), Universitas Airlangga received the honor of welcoming representative of Ohio State University (OSU), Asc. Prof. Adrian Rogers. Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si as the Executive Director of Airlangga Global Engagament welcomed OSU delegate and led the meeting which also attended by the Vice Dean I of Faculty of Vocational of Universitas Airlangga and their Faculty Ambassador.

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Strengthening Partnerships with National Taiwan Ocean University


The President of National Taiwan Ocean University, Prof. Ching-Fong Chang visited Universitas Airlangga on April 9, 2018 for signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on academic collaboration and also discussing the potential academic collaboration between both parties.

In the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih conveyed his welcoming remarks and was followed by the heartwarmingly speech from Prof. Ching-Fong Chang. The discussion was led by Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si, the Executive Director Airlangga Global Engagement and started with the potential academic collaboration topics and activity options such as visiting professor, student exchange program and research collaboration.

Prof. Ching-Fong Chang informed that National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) was established in 1953 as Provincial Taiwan Maritime Technology College. At present, NTOU has seven colleges - Maritime Science and Management, Life Sciences, Ocean Science and Resource, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ocean Law and policy, as well as Humanities and Social Sciences. These Colleges house a total of 22 undergraduate departments, 11 graduate institutes, 27 master programs and 20 doctorate program. Prof. Ching-Fong Chang said that NTOU is trying to discover every aspects of the ocean and increase the number of professor teaching in NTOU.


By signing the MoU between Universitas Airlangga and National Taiwan Ocean University, Prof. Ching-Fong Chang was genuinely hoping that both UNAIR and NTOU can become the World Class University which have a strong connection and good quality of education. In addition, UNAIR’s Faculty of Science and Technology mentioned about the workshop related to marine biotechnology and warmly invite NTOU to take part in the upcoming workshop. After the fruitful discussion, the meeting followed by watching each university profile and witnessing the signing MoU process undertaken by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih and Prof. Ching-Fong Chang. The signing process was considered as the end of the meeting and both universities were looking forward to establishing more potential collaboration in the future. For further information about NTOU, please visit their website on: http://english.ntou.edu.tw/bin/home.php


Xanana Gusmao, the Former President of Timor Leste visited UNAIR’s Booth

On Wednesday (25/7), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) participated at the Indonesian Education Fair (IEF) in Dili, Timor Leste. The exhibition was held by the Indonesian Cultural Center in Timor Leste. UNAIR was present in this branding exhibition in the hopes of raising the interest and awareness of students in Timor Leste for pursuing a higher education in Universitas Airlangga.

The exhibition highlights Universitas Airlangga’s numerous degree programs as opportunities for students from Timor Leste. In addition, Universitas Airlangga’s non-degree programs were also highlighted, giving the chance and opportunity for students in Timor Leste who were instrested. The students enthusiasm in regards of Universitas Airlangga’s international programs were met by welcoming representatives from UNAIR.

The main highlight of the day was the visit by the former President of Timor Leste, Mr. Xanana Gusmao. Mr. Gusmao took his time to visit Universitas Airlangga’s exhibition stand and asks questions to the representatives regarding Universitas Airlangga’s programs both degrees and non- degrees an seemed delighted with Univerisatas Airlangga’s participation in Timor Leste’s higher education. He also added his acknowledgements as UNAIR have able to provide scholarships to fifteen student from Timor Leste.

[SURABALI2018] Making memories on the last day of SuraBali 2018


Friday (27/7) is the last day of SuraBali 2018. As a form of refreshments, the committee took all the participants to go for a full-day sightseeing at around Gianyar. The trip started off by watching Barong Dance in Sukawati. The story tells us about Balinese folk tale, Dewi Kunti but with a little twist of humor to entertain the viewers.

Next, all the participants went to The Tetamian, an ancient Balinese cultural village, located in Kemenuh. It depict the looks of Balinese traditional houses. The participants also got the chance to learn about Balinese house architecture, making traditional offering, and tasted some Balinese traditional snacks such as Lak Lak, made from a mixture of rice and wheat flour, and Sela, which was basically a steamed cassava topped with coconut and brown sugar. After that, the participants also got the chance to play at the rice field and learned how to plough the field, followed by lunch by the field. To end the activities for the day, the participants then visited Monkey Forest, located in Ubud. The participants got the experience of walking around the forest and seeing the life of the monkeys, as this place is also a Monkey Sanctuary. To end the day, the committee took all the participants for a souvenir shopping.



UNAIR’s Courtesy Visit to UNTL: Fostering Future Collaboration

On Thursday (26/7), representatives of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) visited the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) on a courtesy visit. Universitas Airlangga was represented by Ms. Margaretha as the Head of Division of Global Networking and Communication of Airlangga Global Engagement, Dr. Akhmad Taufiq Mukti, lecturer from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, Mr. Irwanto SpA (K), lecturer from the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Sulis Bayusentono Sp.OT lecturer from the Faculty of Medicine. This visit’s intention was for a strategic meeting with the representatives of UNTL.

Welcoming the guests were representatives of UNTL who was represented by the Rector of UNTL. The day started with a strategic meeting, attended by the representatives of UNAIR as well as the Vice Rector of International Cooperation, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Vice Rector for General Administration, Vice Rector for Institution Planning and Development and Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business from UNTL.  The strategic meeting covers numerous issues concerning the two universities, namely; higher education opportunity for university’s staff, research and publications, and joint programs. One of the most paramount area of cooperation that were discussed were the joint PhD program as UNTL is currently dependent on universities in Portugal for its doctoral research implementation. Furthermore, the possibility of academic mobility in the form of joint research and international community service were discussed in the meeting.

The day was followed by guest lectures from Universitas Airlangga’s lecturers. Dr. Irwanto SpA (K) delivered a lecture on “Disabled Children in Indonesia”, Dr. Sulis Bayusentono Sp.OT on “Five Years Clinical Experience of Single Event Multilevel Surgery in Cerebral Palsy Cases at Surabaya”; Dr. Akhmad Taufiq Mukti on the “Potential and Development of Aquaculture by Application of Its Biotechnology” and Ms. Margaretha, M.Sc on the “Well Being Factors for Predicting Academic Achievements of School-age Children and Early Identification and Intervention for Children with Autism with TEACCH Approach”. The guest lectures, were met with great enthusiasm from UNTL students who were delighted to present interesting questions to the lecturers.

Universtas Airlangga values the friendship and cooperation with other universities. As an institution of learning, collaboration and cooperation for the greater good are needed to further help enlighten students of both countries. The courtesy visit of Universitas Airlangga, followed by the strategic meeting and guest lectures are part of UNAIR’s milestone in initiating further academic collaboration with UNTL.


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