Sunday, May 31, 2020

[SURABALI2018] Making memories on the last day of SuraBali 2018


Friday (27/7) is the last day of SuraBali 2018. As a form of refreshments, the committee took all the participants to go for a full-day sightseeing at around Gianyar. The trip started off by watching Barong Dance in Sukawati. The story tells us about Balinese folk tale, Dewi Kunti but with a little twist of humor to entertain the viewers.

Next, all the participants went to The Tetamian, an ancient Balinese cultural village, located in Kemenuh. It depict the looks of Balinese traditional houses. The participants also got the chance to learn about Balinese house architecture, making traditional offering, and tasted some Balinese traditional snacks such as Lak Lak, made from a mixture of rice and wheat flour, and Sela, which was basically a steamed cassava topped with coconut and brown sugar. After that, the participants also got the chance to play at the rice field and learned how to plough the field, followed by lunch by the field. To end the activities for the day, the participants then visited Monkey Forest, located in Ubud. The participants got the experience of walking around the forest and seeing the life of the monkeys, as this place is also a Monkey Sanctuary. To end the day, the committee took all the participants for a souvenir shopping.



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