Thursday, May 28, 2020

[SURABALI2018] Get in Touch with the Nature in Site and Production Visit

The Bali Leg of SuraBali 2018 continues on with the agenda of Site and Production Visit that took time in two days, Monday (23/7) and Tuesday (24/7). After having breakfast, the committee divided the participants into two groups based on their selected company for their Business Model Canvas presentation. One group went to the Bali Tangi, and the others went to Bumi Ayu Bungalow.

After the Site and Product Visit, all the participants from two different groups went to Udayana University to attend the next an also the last activity for the day, which was learning how to make Traditional Balinese decoration, Paku Pipit. This decoration is commonly used for decorative purpose especially during wedding, and any other festivities. The decoration is made out of young coconut leaves, or in Bali is called Busung. On the next day, the group’s destinations are then switched so all participants have the opportunity to visit both companies. To end the second day, the participants then invited to a Yoga Session, held in Udayana University. The yoga session was held for approximately an hour.

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