Asian Undergraduate Summit 2019 - UNAIR's Leg

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For the fourth time, Universitas Airlangga has been a proud partner of NUS in conducting Asian Undergraduate Summit. UNAIR’s Leg was held from 8 to 13 July 2019 with the sub-theme of “Leadership and Technological Advancement”. During the 6-day program, AUS delegates from 8 Asian countries were encouraged to be qualified leaders in order to solve emerging problems in society with the use of modern technology. Complemented with Leadership, Cyber Law, and Communication, Technology & Society courses, the delegates were able to open their mind and be more critical in overcoming global issues to benefit not only themselves but also the society. The program was furthermore enhanced with field studies to a couple of start-up companies: Ladang Lima and Garda Pangan. Not only did they learn about the sub-theme, but the delegates were also exposed to the cultural aspects in Surabaya through visiting a local community village and learning traditional dance. (Written by Cicilia Putri, Senior Staff for Inbound Mobility Programs at Airlangga Global Engagement).



  1. UNAIR’s Leg provided AUS 2019 delegates with Leadership, Cyber Law, Communication, Technology & Society Courses delivered by expert lecturers and practitioners.
  2. The delegates were taken to a couple of start-up companies: Ladang Lima and Garda Pangan. Other than that, the delegates were exposed to local cultures of Indonesia
  3. The delegates presented their Final Group Project at the end of the program and followed by their Cultural Performance



Figure 1 Welcome Dinner with All Delegates




Figure 2 Courses with Expert Lecturer




Figure 3 Learning Saman Dance




Figure 4  "The Change-makers" are posing in front of UNAIR



Figure 5 Field Study to Local Community Village Kampung Genteng Candirejo 



Figure 6 Trying out "Egrang", A Traditional Game


Figure 7 Field Study to Ladang Lima Head Office



Figure 8 Leadership Course from the Expert



Figure 9 Group Discussion for the Final Project



Figure 10 Final Project Presentation in front of Lecturers and Business Owners



Figure 11 Cultural Performance by The Delegates



Figure 12 Closing Ceremony with All Delegates