Monday, September 24, 2018

Academic Mobility Service

Academic mobility service is a part of IOP UA which assists all international mobility in Universitas Airlangga. Here, mobility means all activities dealing with academic mobility for both international incoming and outcoming in Universitas Airlangga. This mobility service consists of 2 activities which are inbound and outbond mobility.

Inbound mobility covers all academic mobility from abroad to Univeristas Airlangga through several programs which are:

  • Regular program for undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate.
  • Exchange programs both for student and academic staffs
  • Visitation programs
  • Research programs


Mobility service for inbound activities assists:

  • Sharing the information about the international programs for international academicians in Universitas Airalangga
  • Serving the admittance and the bureaucracy process dealing with immigration office and police station such as stay and over stay permission.
  • Serving the admission and the orientation for international students
  • Sharing the information about the arrival service and the hospitality for international students

Mobility service for outbound activities assists:

  • Sharing the information about the international programs that will be the aim of Universitas Airlangga academicians
  • Contacting the institution dealing with the arrival of Univeristas Airlangga academicians to their aimed institutions
  • Sharing the information dealing with visa and the departure of Univeristas Airlangga academicians to go abroad
  • Providing the guarantee letter, the reference letter, and the covering letter for visa application

Contact us

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Ph. +62 (31) 596 6864 Fax +62 (31) 5955582

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