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Airlangga Global Day 2017

Universitas Airlangga will celebrate its 63rd Anniversary on this November. In order to enliven the event, Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) is going to hold “Airlangga Global Day”. It is a promotional agenda of internationalization programs of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). Airlangga Global Day (AGD) 2017 will be conducted on November 12 2017 in Campus C UNAIR, Mulyorejo.

Unlike the other events, AGD 2017 is an activity involving many UNAIR international partners and colleagues. International educational institutions and representatives from the international offices as well as foreign students from various universities are going to attend the event. 

Also, there will be a lunch with international students, followed by International Student President of UNAIR Inauguration.

AGD 2017 will take place in two locations, which are in the eastern parking area of campus C (outdoor) and in the lobby hall of the 1st floor management office of UNAIR (indoor). In the outdoor area, various activities will be held such as:

  1. International cultural festivals
  2. Culinary bazaars
  3. Movie screening
  4. Competition for foreign students from various universities; Indonesian karaoke song contest, reading competition in Javanese language, eating cracker competition, marbles competition, and many more.

While in the indoor area, there is an international study expo which is followed by universities from around the world who are partners with UNAIR.

AGE also provide a workshop how to get opportunity to study abroad in two countries for high school students and college students as well as info session about scholarship opportunities for Doctoral and PhD program in Australia for lecturer. 

In the afternoon until the evening there will be a movie screening event. AGE invites cinematographic community to watch and discuss some short films from several international cultural centers in Surabaya. The highlight of the event is Awarding to appreciate the parties who have participated in AGD 2017.

Overall, the event is open for public.

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