Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Celebrations Pooling in AGD - ISP 2018

 International students played the second stage of relay games.

Last Friday (09/07), Airlangga Global Engagement celebrates Anniversary of Universitas Airlangga by hosting AGD-ISP 2018. Consisted of two main events, outdoor and indoor, Airlangga Global Engagement sought to engage international students in a more casual way. The indoor event focused on study abroad exhibition, where several embassies and education centers opened up booths and provided information for students who wanted to experience a study abroad.

The outdoor event, however, consisted of even more casual agenda. Apart from hosting a bazaar, where several students from Myanmar also joined to be part of tenants and sold their traditional food, the outdoor event also consisted of performances brought by international students of Universitas Airlangga, as well as several games joined by international students from other universities.

There were three games that the international students followed through yesterday. The very first game was a relay game, where students were asked to form a team of four and they had to pass several stages of the game in order to win. The second game was food plating contest, where international students were asked to exhibit their traditional food and we had some from Myanmar, Korea, as well as India. The third game, followed by not only international students but also involved local students, was the water volley.

To see the full documentation of the program, download below.

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