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BestBuddy Program

Universitas Airlangga BestBuddy Program

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Application Deadline: June 5th 2015 at 13.00 WIB

Introduction and Description

What is bestBuddy Program?

BestBuddy Program is Universitas Airlangga's way to enrich international students' campus life during their stay at Universitas Airlangga, whether it is for short term program (AMERTA Program, AUN-ACTS Program, Fontys Exchange, Avans Program, Summer Program) or long term program (KNB, Darmasiswa, or Regular International). The voluntary program aims to help international students adapt to new environment seamlessly with the help of Universitas Airlangga students who participate in this program. In addition, the program also gives Universitas Airlangga students the chance to have lifelong friendship with international students.

You were once a freshman in Universitas Airlangga so you know how daunting it can be. Over at least one semester of study, you have acquired insight and tips that are definitely worth passing on. in this program, we will pair you with an international student who will welcome your first-hand knowledge, and at the same time you'll have the opportunity to engage with students from around the world and build an international friendship.


As a BestBuddy, what is my status and relation with International Office and Partnership UNAIR?

BestBuddies are positioned as a volunteer to the 'BestBuddy' Program. With the volunteer status, BestBuddies are not financially remunerated by IOP UNAIR nor Universitas Airlangga and all costs connected during BestBuddy participation is to be borne by each BestBuddy. BestBuddy is structurally detached from IOP Universitas Airlangga but have direct connection under the advisory of Specialized Staff for Hospitality. In the future, BestBuddy is expected to be established as an independent organization under the advisory of International Office and Partnership.


What can and should I do during the program?

As a buddy, enabling your Buddy's adaptation to life at Universitas Airlangga is the main purpose of the program. More than academic support, this program seeks to help them with the daily tasks of a student at Universitas Airlangga living in Surabaya such as administrative tasks and paperwork, as a bridge between International Office (IOP) and the student, transport, cultural and leisure activities. Furthermore, under the general conditions of participation you are encouraged to send a monthly report on the activities carried out with your Buddy.

You are required to have a sufficient English proficiency for this program because English will be main language used to communicate with international students. Having standard English proficiency? worry not! this program also will be one of the best ways to practice and enrich your English Skill!. Having an impressive knowledge of cross-cultural understanding is also important in this program because of the cultural difference you might encounter during the program.


Application and Program Timeline


  1. Able to speak English fluently
  2. Making contact with the buddies at least once in a week by phone, sms, or email
  3. Having good times with the buddies at least twice in a month (playing sports or games, watching movies, shopping, hanging out, etc.)
  4. Having a motorcycle or car is more preffered
  5. Willing to take care the buddies (when they got sick and serious problems)
  6. Having an impressive knowledge of cross-cultural understanding

How can I apply for the program?

  1. Fill our online application form by June 5th 2015 at 13.00 WIB
  2. It is normal not receiving any email after you submitted your application. Our staff will inform you for further update regarding your application within the week after the aforementioned deadline
  3. Interview / selection process might be held for this program


What can I get from this program?

  1. IOP UNAIR will provide you with official certificate of completion upon completing one term of BestBuddy Program
  2. Broad networking and International friendship
  3. Having lifelong friendships from different countries
  4. Opportunity to participate as committee for IOP UNAIR international events (additional certificate will be provided)
  5. Improved knowledge and skills of cross-cultural understanding
  6. Best way to practice and improve foreign language skill


How long will I be a BestBuddy?

One term of BestBuddy program will run for 1 Academic Year. For AY 2015/2016, the term will commence on June 2015 until June 2016. BestBuddies are expected to commit to their participation until the completion of the whole term.


Got Question?

Should you need further information, do not hesitate to ask us at:
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Line Official Account: @DDG5208Y


Contact Person

Specialized Staff for Hospitality: Mr. Puguh (081931530686)

Administrator for Inbound Mobility and Hospitality : Mr. Indra (08970347733) 

Contact us

International Office and Partnership (IOP) UNAIR
206-208 Amerta Bld. 2nd Floor, Kantor Manajemen Universitas Airlangga Kampus C Mulyorejo Surabaya 60115
Ph. +62 (31) 596 6864 Fax +62 (31) 5955582

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