Tuesday, September 25, 2018


1) International Conference and Exhibition 2011 APAIE

Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) is a non-profit organization that holds annual educational conference and exhibition from 2006. This association has more than 1,000 members including international education professionals, from professor to provost as the international exchange coordinators.
By following the conferences and the educational exhibitions, Universitas Airlangga will not only have opportunities to introduce itself to the world, but also willhave a good chance in building relationship and partnership with other universities.

2) NAFSA 2011 Annual Conference and Expo

3) QS-APPLE 2011

After becoming the Top 451 + World University (by QS), UniversitasAirlangga (UA) receives QS Star Certificate Award in the 6th QS University Ranking and Evaluation Workshop and 7th QS APPLE (Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education) Conference and Exhibition at the Unversity of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines (18/11).

4) Summer Course

One way to promote Universitas Airlangga in the International level is through the implementation of the International Summer Course. In addition to increase the verbal promotion, the international summer course program will increase the level of international academic mobility of Universitas Airlangga. In fact, Universitas Airlangga has various activities both academic and semi-academic that are potential to become an international summer course activities. To support the high interest in the international summer course, a summer course guide is drafted. The guide contains international programs which can be carried out with a fairly short duration. Summer course program called ASSIC (Airlangga International Summer Short Course) is being coordinated by IOP together with the Academic Director. Some programs are categorized into two areas which are life science and social science. Summer Course Program is a program integrated between subjects and faculties, so the implementation will not concentrate on one faculty. Some programs are held during semester break in Universitas Airlangga which also coincides with summer vacation in some countries. This program is initiated to support the internationalization of Universitas Airlangga to attract international academicians and students during their studies in Universitas Airlangga. With the advanced quality of the learning process, research, and academic atmosphere for international standards, Universitas Airlangga is ready to hold a summer course.

5) Partnership Potential

Making a book of partnership potential is necessary because IOP has been working with Public Relations section of UA in preparing exhibition materials to promote Universitas Airlangga. IOP involves 13 faculties in UA to prepare the information about each faculty so it can be used as promotional material in the exhibition followed by IOP. IOP and Public Relations of UA have had a book and CD profile enabling them to promote Universitas Airlangga as an institution.  There is also a book called Book of Potential which is renewed every year to keep all the informationof UA updated. The book of Partnership Potential can be downloaded here.

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