Airlangga Mobility 2019: Management and Leadership Development Forum at Asia University, Taiwan

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Airlangga Mobility 2019: Management and Leadership Development Forum in Taiwan was initiated with the aim of building a platform for students across Asia, from various disciplines and backgrounds, to engage in meaningful academic, cultural and experiential exchange. Since the program was officiated in 2018, the theme of Airlangga Mobility has been ‘Management and Leadership Development Forum’ referencing the bold thinkers and action-takers we hope to inspire through the Forum.

Through the program, participants will embark on a learning journey in a new country. They will engage with issues pertinent to leadership and management skills, and be given opportunities to meet with and speak to experts studying and dealing with such issues. Additionally, Airlangga Mobility 2019: Management and Leadership Development Forum seeks to provide participants with an opportunity to exercise their creativity, and present unique initiatives and products to combat the problems explored during the program.

Host University
Asia University, Taiwan

Program Period
24-28 June 2019
Accommodation check in: 24 June 2019
Accommodation check out: 28 June 2019


  1. Unair Students (D3/S1/S2)
  2. Strong academic performances (cGPA >3.00);
  3. Completed at least two semesters at UNAIR;
  4. Highly fluent in English (ELPT/TOEFL >500 or equivalent is preferable);
  5. Commit to all aspects of the program upon the nomination
  6. Be physically and emotionally capable of completing the program in the host university

Universitas Airlangga covers the following items:

  1. Program fee
  2. Local transportation
  3. Accommodation
  4. Meals during the program
  5. Roundtrip Airfare (Cabin baggage only)

Universitas Airlangga does NOT cover the following items:

  1. Visa application fee
  2. Extra baggage

Required Documents

  1. ID page of Passport with more than 1-year validity from application
  2. One original copy latest academic transcript in English issued and stamped by Faculty
  3. One copy of English proficiency certificate (TOEFL/ELPT >500 or equivalent is preferable)
  4. CV in English
  5. Motivation letter

Application Procedure

  1. Students fill out an online application form and upload required documents by 17 March 2019
  2. AGE will shortlist and notify the results.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .