MUNI Summer Schools 2019

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Why Masaryk University (Muni) summer schools?

    Our summer schools are taught by enthusiastic lecturers who are experts in their fields. They love to share their knowledge with students and help them gain new perspectives.
    Central Europe is a beautiful region with spectacular landscape and rich history. Why only sit in class when you can experience everything at first hand? We take advantage of Brno’s short distance from major European cities and go on multiple field trips during the course.
  • BRNO
    A historical city with a huge student population, Brno is a unique place to live and study. It has something to offer for everyone: rich history and architecture, wide selection of restaurants, cafés and bars, modern sport facilities, a lake just outside of town... You will be surprised how quickly this charming city will become your home away from home.
    We have a small group of local students who are there for you after you finish class. They are there to help you discover Brno but they can also help you get acquainted with washing machines or public transportation. They will be your buddies to help you feel at home in Brno.

The list of programs is available at the website Below is the highlight of the programs that are the most interesting and/or allow students access with full or partial tuition waivers: 

a. World in Transition and Central European Transformation: Lessons Learnt (16 June – 7 July), field trips to Prague, Vienna and Budapest (2 nights in each place); credit value: 8 ECTS 

b. Authors’ Reading Month: Guest of Honour Romania, aka Balkan Academy (1-29 July, participation from a week to the whole month is feasible). This is a program that looks at contemporary and historical Balkan, not just through a conventional academic program, but also through meetings with living Romanian intellectuals and writers (one night a different person, i.e. 31 in total). Program is free – students have to cover only accommodation, plus small fees for individual cultural events. 

c. International Relations and Threats to Global Security (2 July – 23 July); field trips to Vienna, Budapest, Prague (2 nights in each place); credit value: 8 ECTS 

d. Central Europe – A Birthplace of Modernity (15 July – 4 August), field trips to Prague and Vienna (TBC); Full fee: TBC; credit value: 6 ECTS 

e. Summer Lab Research Internships at Masaryk University (27 May – 19 July) - combination of supervised lab work with a rich cultural program on Central Europe. Field trips to Prague, Budapest and Vienna; credit value: 15 ECTS 

f. Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture (12 May – 5 June); field trips to Vienna, Budapest, Prague (2 nights in each place); credit value: 6 ECTS 

g. Business projects with PRINCE – this is a program for students (or young professionals) who wish to develop their skills and become professionally certified in project management. This program is offered in two modes – a week (3-7 June) or three weeks (3-28 June) 

Application & Contact
If you want to apply to World in Transition and Central European Transformation, International Relations and Threats to Global Security, or Summer Lab Research Internships follow this link, select your desired course in the section Summer/Winter schools and create an application. Do not forget to include all the necessary information (and documents if requested) including writing a short statement of purpose. We will contact you afterwards to tell you if your application was successful and to discuss the further steps with you.

For all other courses, contact the person or follow the link provided on the webpage of the respective program.

If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to write to us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are looking forward to welcoming you in Brno!