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2018-2019 Winter Abroad at Yonsei

Yonsei University offers a 6-week winter program at its Sinchon campus for international students who would like to enjoy the winter in Seoul, Korea.

The winter program is composed of two separate 3-week sessions, with intensive morning coursework and unique afternoon Korean language and Taekwondo classes. At the weekend, students can enjoy Korean winter activities. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with your coursework, meeting professors in an intimate setting, and to enjoy the companionship of students from all over the world.

Program Duration
Session 1: 27 December 2018-17 January 2019
Session 2: 21 January 2019-13 February 2019

Application Deadline
16 November 2018

Application Fee Payment Deadline
16 November 2018

Tuition Payment Deadline
28 November 2018

Application Fee KRW100,000
Tuition Fee (per session) KRW1,600,000


  • At least be a third semester student of UNAIR
  • Have a minimum 3,00 GPA
  • Have minimum score 500/6.0 (TOEFL/ELPT/IELTS)
  • Commit to all aspects of the program upon the nomination
  • Be physically and emotionally capable of completing the programs both in the host university and the home university

Credit Transfer
All courses are credit-bearing courses and may be transferable. Credit transferability of a particular course depends solely on each faculty’ policies. Students are advised to consult and obtain approval from one’s academic advisors of the faculty in advance.

Application Materials

  1. Online application form at
  2. Students currently attending a college or university: An original transcript (or) college or university bound high school seniors: An original copy of your university admission acceptance letter

Application Procedures

  1. Complete online application form
  2. Mail application materials
  3. Pay application fee
  4. Receive letter of acceptance by email
  5. Apply for housing (optional)
  6. Pay tuition fees, housing and any other remaining fees

2018-2019 Winter Abroad at Yonsei Leaflet

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