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East Japan Railway Company Global Internship

For years, East Japan Railway Company Global Internship has been one of the most popular offerings for students looking to get work experience in Japan. This attractive opportunity is open to students from any major or university year. The only necessary qualification is the ability to speak English at a business-conversation level or above. Full accommodation and food cost coverage by the company!

Over the course of this 7-day internship, students will spend half the time attending lectures about JR’s history, global vision, and technological innovations. The other half of the time is spent doing fieldwork in the intern’s chosen area of interest. Interns will also have the chance to visit JR-EAST’s various facilities and sites.

Available positions within this internship include those in the fields of:

  •  Vehicles
  •  Track maintenance
  •  Civil engineering
  •  Construction
  •  Electricity
  •  Service quality control
  •  Sales and tourism strategy
  •  IT/Suica strategy

Target student: any one from university, from any year can apply
Language skill: English at business level and above
Internship time: Jul 24 ~ Aug 1, 2018 ( 1 week)
Place: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Travel expense and accommodation are provided.

How to apply
Application URL:

First, apply by clicking the "apply" button above, and send your "Video CV" to the upload page (we will send you the link).

STEP 1: Application period: Saturday, 4/28 ~ Sunday, 5/20

STEP 2: Video CV submission period: Thursday, 5/10 ~ Friday, 5/25
※Everyone who submits the video CV will be contacted by email starting from May 10th.
Please upload the Video CV to the page we share with you.

STEP 3: Online interview: Monday, 5/21 ~ Wednesday, 6/6
※Only those who pass the video form screening will be contacted for an online interview.

STEP 4: Internship invitations decided: Friday, 6/8 and onward
※Only those who are invited will be informed of this result.

Should you need further information regarding application process, do not hesitate to consult with our staff by email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit our office by notice (contact 031-5966864 ext.105) Attn. Ms. Nadia during office hours


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