Friday, January 18, 2019

Call for Application: 3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS3) 2018


The 3rd ASEF Young Leaders (#ASEFYLS3) is for those who strive to not only lead, but lead responsibly. The 4-day conference analyses leadership development through a tri-folded lens: self-leadership, team leadership and societal leadership.

ASEFYLS3 is a purposeful youth conference that offers:

  • A boutique platform for young thinkers and doers to learn from top-tier business representatives, academics and civil society members through resourceful dialogue-sessions, thought-&-skills workshops and spin-off project working groups.
  • A 360°approach to explore ethical leadership from 11 thematic angles: Culture, Economy, Education, Environment, Family, Finance, Media, Politics, Religion and Spirituality, Science and Technology and Sports.
  • A networking platform which connects participants with high-level political leaders on the side-line of the 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12) in Brussels.
  • Steer and support participants to walk-the-talk and execute spin-off activities on ethical leadership across communities in Asia and Europe.
  • A rare melting pot of diverse young professionals and students from 51 Asian and European countries.

ASEFYLS3 is fully funded, accommodation, meals and travel subsidies will be provided for the selected participants. No registration fee applies.

To find more about the project and eligibility criteria, visit the ASEFYLS3 website and FAQ. Stay in the loop of the latest updates through the ASEFEdu Facebook page. Got more questions? Drop us an email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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