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UTP – Asean Student Forum 2016

Asean Student Forum is a two-day international forum for students from ASEAN Universities and Colleges. It is basically focused on reinforcing the ASEAN identity by creating a platform of discussion with regards to the implications of the ASEAN Integration Initiative that aims to boost ties between ASEAN students with the goal of integrating different ASEAN communities into one diversified entity. Throughout the forum, several discussions will be made regarding the students’ interest sectors and fields with respect to the changes, issues and effects brought about by the ASEAN Integration.



To fully realize the goal of this forum, the program is envisioned to create an avenue of information and a channel for discussion through thematic talks, collaborative activities and congregational dialogues designed to inform and empower the student to take a stand and act on the challenges faced by the ASEAN Community.



  1. Participants of ASF 2016 MUST be in the age range of 16 years old to 30 years’ old.(Senior high school and university/ tertiary students)
  2. Participants of ASF 2016 must be of ASEAN country nationality ONLY. However, audiences of the forum can be of any nationality.
  3. Registration fees are as follows: -

a)    UTP Students:- RM 50

b)    Participants from other universities:- RM 200

c)    Observers/ Audience:- RM 250

  1. Participants must possess an excellent command of the English language and be well versed in terms of communication and discussion.


Application procedure:

1. Fill out the registration form (attached on the link) or go to!register/ejutt

2. Pay for the registration fees


Program duration: July 15 – July 17 2016

Deadline: April 30, 2016

Perak, Malaysia




Program brochure:

Registration form:

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