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Okayama University Summer School 2016

Students will examine the key obstacles to integrating the East Asian countries into a tightly-knit community. Under the guidance of a multinational team of academics, students will examine the issues of identity, colonial settlement, and contemporary politics in the East Asian context. They will consider both the possibilities and dangers of increased cooperation, and come to understand the preconditions for forming a more systematic regional community. Utilizing Charles Taylor’s concept of “social imaginary,” this course will be an exercise in imagining an East Asian Community that will enjoy a widely shared sense of legitimacy among the peoples of the region.


Cost: 120,000 Yen

  • Includes course fee, accommodation,  local transportation, and part of  the food expenses during extracurricular studies.
  • Credit card payment (due by 6/15): 120,000 Yen
  • Students from institutions not partnered with Okayama University must pay an extra 30,000 Yen if they wish to obtain 2 college credits for the summer course


1. Fill out the application form (attached on the link)

2. Submit your application by mail or email
3. Wait for Notification (May 15-31, 2016)
4. Make Your Payment (by : June 15, 2016)

5. Travel Information (by July 15, 2016)


Program duration: Aug. 3 - Aug. 12, 2016

Okayama, Japan

Deadline : May 15, 2016



Program form:


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