Sunday, January 19, 2020

Postgraduate Degree for Medicine or Pharmacy Graduate in France


The University & Education Cooperation Department of the French Embassy would like to inform you of  the opening of the call for applications for postgraduate degree in specialized medical training in France. The Degree will be taken in a French University Hospital, starting from November 2020, for a minimum of 2 semesters.

Students will have the status of “interns” – performing an internship as medical doctors ( salary as of Jan 2020,1st: 1 280 €/month).


  • Graduated in Medicine or Pharmacy in their home country/country of residence
  • Authorized to practice medicine or pharmacy in their home country/country of residence
  • Enrolled in specialization studies in their home country/country of residence and still have to undertake a minimum of 2 semesters of hospital practice by November 2020.
  • Be proficient in French language – a B2 level is expected by April 2020. Should an Indonesian candidate commit to reach this level by June the latest, the French Embassy will support his/her application.

The Call is opened until mid-January.

Due to the tight schedule, we could accept applications until  February, the 15th.



15 Feb 2020               : deadline for  “application form 1”
March 2020                : pre-selection – preselected candidates will be informed by the French program coordinator.
15 April 2020              : deadline for the “application form 2” – for pre-selected candidates only
10 July 2020               : final selection
1 November 2020       : starting date

Application form can be downloaded here:



Specialization List

Forms should be sent to the French Embassy by postal mail

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