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Erasmus+: Jean Monnet Activity 2020 "Understanding European Integration in Its Multidisciplinary Perspectives (EU-MAP)" Even Semester 2019/2020


Europe is a big continent. This is the fact that cannot be denied. Despite big in term of its geographical size, huge populations with various socio-cultures as well as the variability of economic performance add significant meaning into this “big” term. Such hard work and tired-less effort have been developed since the founding fathers of European Union, one of this respected gentlemen is Sir Jean Monnet, laid down the foundation of European Union for a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe. Therefore, in order to have and to give deep understanding on European integration as the subject of interest, we assess all related aspects from various disciplines ranging from socio culture, politics, economics and law as represented by the faculties involved in this project namely “Understanding European Integration in Its Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Law)".

EU-MAP is a program offered for local and international students of Universitas Airlangga which encourages them to take two out of five EU related courses as supplementary classes besides the regular undergraduate programs in the faculty. Students of any backgrounds of study may take any classes (multidisciplinary program). Each course is worth for 2 transferable credits (2 sks). Upon completion of the courses, students will be given an academic transcript from the Directorate of Academic Affairs.

PROGRAM DURATION:  27 January - 15 Mei 2020

APPLICATION PERIOD: 6 January - 27 January 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: 20-27 January 2020

1) Free for local and international students of Universitas Airlangga
2) Credit earning (sks and skp)
3) Internationally standardized
4) Academic Transcript and Certificate of Completion

1) Students of UNAIR at undergraduate or vocational level
2) Have good proficiency in English both oral and written (lectures will be delivered in English)
3) Committed towards completing the EU-MAP Program
4) Choose two preferred courses sequentially

Please read carefully and make sure you understand all the following terms and conditions:
1) Students of EU-MAP need to attend 75% of 14 meetings in a semester and do all the required assignments and tasks from the lecturer for each course in order to get the result or transcript (maximum 3 times of absent).
2) A student may take a course outside their faculty. However, student can only earn the grade (a separated academic transcript are provided) and are not able to transfer the grade to their final academic transcript from the faculty.
3) Please be advised regarding the changes that might occur in the program. Kindly check your email regularly.

1) European Union Law; 2 credits (Faculty of Law)
2) Social and Culture Perspectives in European Integration; 2 credits (Faculty of Humanities)


  1. Students must fill online application form and upload required documents by 18 January 2020
  2. AGE UNAIR will review all application after the mentioned deadline
  3. AGE will contact shortlisted candidates for the further application process

For course outline please check REGULARLY:

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