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IT Summer School 2019 [School of Software Engineering Beijing Jiaotong University]



IT Summer School at the School of Software Engineering, Beijing

Jiaotong University combines cutting-edge technologies and wonderful Chinese culture experience. The program is taught In English and open to all students who wish to learn and improve their programming skills in APP development, the duration of the program is 2 weeks.

About the Program:

1. Learning by doing and team work in collaborative environment with students from diverse culture and nationalities.

2. Visit famous companies located In Beijing Silicon Valley.

3. Embrace your experience of  living abroad and expand your horizons.

4. Social and cultural activities.

Program Duration: 1- 14 Juli 2019

Application Deadline:

10 May 2019


  • Undergraduate students of UNAIR
  • English Proficiency equal to or more than IBT 60 or PBT 500 (ELPT is allowed)
  • Commit to all aspects of the program upon the nomination
  • Be physically and emotionally capable of completing the programs both in the host university and the home university

Required documents:

  • One copy of English proficiency certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT)
  • One copy of Academic Transcript in English (issued and stamped by Faculty)
  • One copy of valid ID card or passport (1 Year validity from the date of application)
  • Certificate of enrollment and sign by the faculty

Program Fees:

  • Tuition:                                              RMB 9000
  • Dormitory:                                          RMB 60/day
  • Meals on campus:                                RMB 50/day
  • Sites tour entrance ticket fees:              RMB 350

*NOTES Each student is responsible for obtaining a valid visa and health insurance prior to his/her arrival in China

Application Procedure:

  1. Sign up on the online application portal:
  2. Fill up the online application form
  3. Check on the approval of your application 


IT Summer School Brochure

IT Summer School Schedule

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