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Undergraduate Scholarship




SOUTH EAST ASIA AUN – ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange SOUTH KOREA – 2 SEMESTER






  AUN – ACTS Exchange Program ASEAN’S COUNTRIES – 1 SEMESTER www.acts.ui.ac.id



  AUN -  ASEAN Exchange Student CHULALONGKORN UNIV. THAILAND – 1 SEMESTER www.inter.commarts.chula.ac.th



  AUN – ASEAN Korean Youths’ Asian Cross Culture Exploration (Exchange) SOUTH KOREA – 1 SEMESTER www.aunsec.org



  BRUNEI DARUSSALAM (FULL BA DEGREE) Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships www.mofat.gov.bn , www.ubd.edu.bn, www.unissa.edu.bn, www.itb.edu.bn



  SINGAPORE (FULL BA DEGREE) Singapore Cooperation Program http://www.scp.gov.sg/content/scp/scholarships/singapore_scholarship.html
ASIA HONGKONG (FULL BA DEGREE) Overseas Student Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies – Lingnan University






  INDIA (FULL BA DEGREE) Indian Council of Cultural Relations http://www.indianembassyjakarta.com/edu_scholarship.html
  JAPAN Japanese Government Scholarship (Research Students) www.mext.go.jp



EUROPE ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 http://www.areas.polito.it/scholarships
    Lotus III Project http://www.lotus.ugent.be/
    PANACEA http://www.panacea-mundus.eu/
  FINLAND Exchange Students Program – University of Turku – 4/5 MONTHS www.utu.fi/en/studying



  ITALY Bellagio Center Residency Program – 4 WEEKS http://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/who-we-are



  NETHERLAND (FULL BA DEGREE) Study in Netherland (StuNed) www.nesoindonesia.or.id
  RUSSIA (FULL BA DEGREE) Scholarship Russia – Russian Government http://en.russia.edu.ru/
  TURKEY (FULL BA DEGREE) Turkish Government Scholarship – DIKTI http://www.dikti.go.id/?p=2013&lang=id



AMERICA Global Undergraduate (UGRAD) UNITED STATES – 1 SEMESTER/1 YEAR www.aminef.or.id



  Study of U.S. Institute (SUSI) UNITED STATES – 1 SEMESTER http://summerpgm.wordpress.com/    http://www.umt.edu/mansfield/institute/
  IELSP UNITED STATES – 8 WEEKS www.iief.or.id



  GE Foundation Scholar- Leaders UNITED STATES – 2/3 YEARS (including BA THESIS) http://scholarshipandmore.org/indonesia/program-details/


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