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Debt Swap

  • Debt Swap Program is a program to reduce external debt of the Government of Indonesia.The program is also meant to reduce the debt of Government of Indonesia to Germany, particularly in educational field. Ministry of National Education has proposed Debt Swap VII (IGDS Scholarship Program: Indonesian-German Doctoral Scholarship) which aims to improve the quality of Higher Education in Indonesia (particularly, in the field of Human Resources (HR)). Previously, Debt Swap Program I and II have been carried,particularly, in the field of basic education and rehabilitation of school facilities.

Requirements to follow this program are:

  1. Lecturers / prospective lecturer with Master’sDegree (PNS / Non-PNS) of the public universities (PTN) and private universities (PTS)
  2. Prospective lecturers from “Fast track” program
  3. Master graduates from domestic and overseas universities which are being recommended by the PTN / PTS to become lecturers in their area.
  4. Non-teaching staff from other Ministry with funds from related Ministry
  5. Doctoral applicants:
    1. Meet the following academic requirements:

i.      Master graduates should have GPA of > 3.20 for those who interested in taking Graduate School, Research Program, Sandwich and Double Degree Program.

ii.      Bachelorgraduates should have GPA of min. 3.0 and Master graduatesmin. 3:25 for those who interested in taking “Fast Track” program

  1. Meet the following non-academic requirements:

i.      Having English proficiency equivalent to TOEFL 550/IELTS 6.5

ii.      Having a good track record, both in the number of publications or researches

iii.      Having a good working attitude / work ethic and research attitude/ethic to support during a study or research

All the documents needed to be prepared by applicants:

  1. DIKTI Form-A (can be downloaded after the applicant join the mailing list)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Dissertation Plan/ Research Proposal in English or Germany
  4. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from Universities in Germany
  5. Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of Faculty in Indonesia
  6. Working Letter issued by the Rector of the University in Indonesia
  7. Having a good track record in the number of publications or researches (if any)
  8. Copy of training certificate / awards (if any)
  9. Legalized copy of Diploma (Bachelor and Master)
  10. Legalized copy of Transcripts (Bachelor and Master)
  11. Photograph 3×4 cm
  12. Copy of German language certificate (if any)
  13. Copy of TOEFL/IELTS that still valid (Prediction TOEFL will not be accepted)
  14. The applicants are bounded to a workcontract to become a lecturer/staff in universities in Indonesia
  15. Completed documents should be sent to the following address whereas the softcopy should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Selection Procedures

  1. The administrative selection will be conducted by Debt Swap DIKTI team together with DAAD;
  2. For the succeeding applicants of the administration selection will follow the interview conducted by Joint Committee of Indonesia-Germany which is formed fromjoined Debt Swap DIKTI, DAAD and Germanyprofessors;
  3. For applicants who reside in the European region, the selection interview can be conducted in Bonn, Germany by the Joint Committee of Indonesia and Germany;
  4. The assessment process of the selection will be based on:
    1. Academic achievement;
    2. Research Publications;
    3. Ability to speak English and Germany;
    4. Presentation of research proposal / dissertation;
    5. Completion of the LoAas well as recommendations from the hosting university in Germany;
    6. Motivation;

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