Flinders University – Faculty of Nursing

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Faculty of Nursing of Universitas Airlangga has achieved cooperation with Flinders University, School od Nursing and Midwifery on 2012. This cooperation including five areas, which are:

  1. Exchange of information in education and research field of interest to both parties;
  2. Exchange of  invitations to scholars for lectures, talks, and sharing of experience;
  3. Exchange of students;
  4. Joint education, research activities, publications and library exchange
  5. Joint community services; and Establishing double degree / joint degree programs for Master and Doctorate (Ph.D) degrees in Nursing


For further information about those programs especially for double degree/joint degree programs for Master and Doctorate (Ph.D), here is contact you could reach

Phone. (031) 5913752

Fax. (031) 5913257

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.