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In order to improve the academic personnel qualifications ofpublic and private university, the Directorate General of Higher Education in Indonesia in cooperation with the Embassy of France offer an opportunity for Double Degree Indonesia-France (DDIP) for Master and Doctoral programs.

In 2011, this program provided scholarships to 120 students for Double Master Degree Programand 45 seats to public and private lecturers for Double Doctoral Degree Program.
Following are the appointed university in Indonesia to implement DDIP scheme, namely:
1. University Indonesia            : Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering
2. Intitut Pertanian Bogor       : Agricultural Sciences
3. Universitas Airlangga           : Practical Management
4. Universitas Udayana            : Tourism Studies
5. Institut Teknologi Bandung: Hard Sciences
6. Universitas Gadjah Mada  : Social and Politics

For Master Program, the first year will be conducted in Indonesia and the second year will be conducted in France. Whereas PhD Program will conduct the first year in Indonesia, the second year in France, and the last year will be conducted back in Indonesia.