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AMERTA (Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate at Airlangga)

Update: Application is now OPEN 

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Introduction and Description

Program Description and Application Package

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Introduction and Description

AMERTA calls outstanding students to experience an Indonesian diverse culture and a local East Java atmosphere to study for one or two semesters. This program is available for international students who are interested in a number of uniquely Indonesian perspective subjects in social and cultural aspects, economics, natural sciences, and health/life sciences.

Inaugurated in 2014, it was successfully conducted for its first batch. All courses are fully delivered in English, and students are complimentary provided in Indonesian language learning and cultural trips during the programs. Field studies are compulsory in some courses to integrate theoretical perspective into practice.

AMERTA focusses on the current issues of Indonesia as developing country in the dynamic nature of globalization through the perspective of natural, health and social sciences. For natural and health sciences, they provide the wide array of knowledge about Indonesian biodiversity in flora and fauna, the dynamic of tropical medicine, and community empowerment in health especially for Indonesia as a developing country. While social sciences, they offer the dynamics of Indonesian urban culture, creative economy, and society as the impact of globalization.


Brief introduction of Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country stretches across the equator, with biodiversity in natural resources, flora and fauna. Among the countries which have the largest number of population, Indonesia has a dynamic economy, cultures, and society.

Universitas Airlangga, as one of the highly reputable public universities in Indonesia, is located in Surabaya, the biggest city in the eastern part of Indonesia. Surabaya is the commercial and administrative capital city of East Java Province; a thriving business and industrial center and the province’s main port. Surabaya is well known as the city of hero, and strategically is located right in the center of Indonesia. Travelling from Surabaya, which has an international airport, is very convenient since there are many cities and breath-taking beautiful tourist destinations that can be reached easily from Surabaya such as Mt. Bromo, Yogyakarta, Lombok and Bali.


Program Duration (3 months/semester)

Second Semester (March - May)


Program Benefits

  • Living allowance : IDR 1 milions (for one month)
  • Cross culture experience through direct exposure of Indonesian culture and society
  • Better acquisition of knowledge through field studies which integrate  theory into practice
  • Additional comprehension of knowledge about Indonesian economics,  socio-politics and urban culture in Indonesia as the impact of globalization
  • Acquisition of knowledge about Indonesian biodiversity in tropical medicine and natural resources

Terms and Conditions

  • Candidates have to get approval regarding their course choice from their home university for credit transfer prior arrival to Universitas Airlangga
  • Candidates should enroll in 3 courses minimum for one semester of AMERTA
  • Class will be conducted if the minimum participant is three person
  • Candidates may enroll courses in any faculty (regardless their original majors & meet the course requirements) 

Application and Program Timeline


Program Timeline


Second Semester

Early Bird*: 31 Jan
Regular** : 15 Feb


* Early bird students will get Limited Stay Visa (requires no extension).
** Regular students will get Single Entry Visa (requires monthly extension).


How to Apply?

Partner Universities & Non-Patner Universities

Interested students are welcome to apply directly to us with the procedure as mentioned on the application package (application package can be obtained here)


  1. Interested students must apply through AUN-ACTS portal
  2. Send email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and attach your AUN-ACTS application page
  3. Make sure / contact your International Office / Office of International Affairs / AUN-ACTS Committee at your home university to "nominate" your application


List of Courses

Contact us

Airlangga Global Engagement Universitas Airlangga
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Ph. +62 (31) 596 6864 Fax +62 (31) 5955582

General Enquiry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @globalunair

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