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Universiti Putra Malaysia visits UNAIR


On April 25th 2018, Universitas Airlangga welcomed delegates from Universiti Putra Malaysia. There were 10 delegates from Universiti Putra Malaysia, they were Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Jalil Nordin (D.S.I.S) as Dean Department of Imaging, Prof. Dr. Zamberi Sekawi as Deputy Dean (Academic of Medicine) Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normala Ibrahim as Deputy Dean (Research And Internationalization) Department of Psychiatry, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhafizah Mohtarrudin as Head of Department of Pathology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syafinaz Amin Nordin as Head of Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Dr. Salmiah Md Said as Senior Lecturer Department of Community Health, Dr. Titi Rahmawati Hamedon  as Senior Lecturer Department of Community Health, Dr. Rafidah Hod as Medical Lecturer Department of Human Anatomy, Mr. Haji Mohd Aris Fadzilah Abdullah as Deputy Registrar Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mr. Shaharudin Mohamad Ali as Senior Assistant Faculty of Medicine and Treasurer, Health Sciences. The meeting was led by Prof. dr. Djoko Santoso, Ph.D., K-GH., FINASIM, Vice rector I and Dian Ekowati, Ph.D, Deputy executive director of Airlangga Global Engagement  , and some representatives from some Faculties namely Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary, Faculty of Marine and Fishries, Vocational Studies, and Post Graduate School.

The meeting was a reciprocal visit where UNAIR’s  delegates also visited UPM before. This meeting focussed on research collaboration in which both universities agreed to collaborate in another fields namely student, staff, and lecturer exchange program.  The delegates from UPM offered 12 topic research to be collaborated with UNAIR’s academicians. All representatives from UNAIR highly interested in collaborating with UPM and hopefully through this meeting, there will be more chance to collaborate between UNAIR and UPM.


21st Century Global Leadership Program (Globe 21), Sydney, Australia (15-28 July 2018)


The 21st Century Global Leadership Program (Globe 21) is a dynamic and contemporary initiative designed to provide Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from leading International Universities with a gateway to the Australian leadership, business and cultural landscape and to develop life-long global networks with Australian and International students.

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Welcoming the New International Students of Universitas Airlangga





Surabaya (22/09/2017). Airlangga Global Engagement held the welcoming reception of Universitas Airlangga's international students. This event was opened by Mr. Irfan Wahyudi as the Director of International Program, and then followed by a wonderful speech from Faith, a KNB student from Zimbabwe, as one of the representative of international students.

These international students who can be referred as Abisatya, were also given a goodiebag as a token of welcome in this event.  

The participants of these event consisted of KNB, Darmasiswa, Amerta, and Malaysia Regular Program students. KNB Scholarship Program stands for Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship which is a financial assistance offered by the Indonesian Government to International students coming from developing countries to pursue their master degree in Indonesian University. While Darmasiswa Scholarship, is a scholarship program offered by Indonesia government to the countries that have diplomacy relation with Indonesia, aimed to introduce Indonesian Language and culture to the young generation in all over the world. Amerta Program is an international class to accommodate exchange students at Universitas Airlangga for undergraduate level. Alas, Malaysia Regular Program is a program conducted by Universitas Airlangga to accept students from several universities in Malaysia. 

It is expected that from the welcoming reception, the students will be more ready to become accustomed by the Indonesian Culture, Education System, and also Universitas Airlangga in general.





Fall 2018 Exchange Program at Fontys International Business School


Fontys International Campus Venlo offers students from Universitas Airlangga a range of possibilities to study a semester in Venlo, Netherlands.

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Indonesian Diversity at Airlangga (INDIAIR) 2017

Indonesian Diversity at Airlangga (INDIAIR) 2017

This is a two-week end of year break session at for emergency Universitas Airlangga, where participants can learn the cultures and diversities of Indonesia. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up your coursework, meeting professors in an informal settings, and to enjoy the companionship of students from all over the world.

If you want to learn and experience more the real pluralism, Indonesia is the best place to go. Having more than 17,000 islands and more less 255 million people, Indonesia has a significant cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity, from the daily Hindu rituals practiced on Bali Island to the prevalence of Islamic sharia law in Aceh (Sumatra) or the semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles of the Mentawai people.

The Indonesian government nurtures and promotes its diversity by adopting a pluralist approach. “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” as the motto of diversity means Unity in Diversity that is perpetuated in national ideology of Indonesia. This motto articulates the diversity that shapes the country.

 Program Benefits

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Academic Transcript (credit earning/transfer)
  • Hands on experience in Indonesian multiculturalism and diversity
  • Fun cross cultural experience with other local and international students from other countries
  • Applicable knowledge of some short courses;
  • Indonesian language, traditional games and dances

for more information, download INDIAIR 2017 Online brochure here:

INDIAIR 2017 Online Brochure 


Application and Program Information

Time & Venue

  • Time: 27 November - 9 December 2017
  • Place: Universitas Airlangga, Kampus C, Mulyorejo, Surabaya, 60115, Indonesia

 How to Apply

1. Fill this online form: INDIAIR Online Form

2. Prepare these following documents:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of academic transcript
  • Recommendation letter from your university
  • Motivation letter (750 words max.)
  • Copy of english Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL >500, IELTS 5.00) or any reference letter from your university states that your program is conducted in English

3. Send documents above to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application Deadline: 30 September 2017

Courses and Fieldtrips


  • Physical Anthropology* (6 credits)
  • Maritime Strategy and Geopolitics* (6 credits)
  • Language and Urban Society* (4 credits)
  • Chinese Diaspora in Indonesia* (4 credits)
  • Indonesian Language and Culture (4 credits)
  • Traditional Dance Class**
  • Traditional Music Instrument**
  • Batik painting

* choose one
** Students will be invited to perform in Farewell Dinner


  • Historical City Tour
  • Site visits for each course
  • Climbing Mount Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall
  • Rice planting and field rice field plowing at PPLH Mojokerto

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