Friday, November 15, 2019

Cultural Trip 2019


On 23 February 2019, more than 50 UNAIR international students came to Situbondo to attend cultural trip organized by AGE. They visited Baluran National Park and explored the savanna and mangroveforest . At the end of the road, they enjoyed some fresh coconut by the beach. We also had some fun playing Indonesian traditional games and got distracted by way too many local monkeys which we foundthem entertaining.

Afterwards, we headed to Desa Wisata Kemiren. Indigenous people of Osing are still living at Desa Kemiren. International students immersed themselves with the local culture by spending weekend living in the locals’ houses. 

In the afternoon, international students were invited on a village tour. They explored how the indigenous people live their ways, how local youth coped with modern way of living, how the locals preserved their natural resources and so on. There were many coffee shops across the village, we stopped by at one of them which also ran a home coffee production. International students were so excited as they could experience the coffee making process. The locals involved them in traditional coffee roasting process and they surely enjoyed the great taste of the coffee they made. 

The best part of the visitation came later in the evening. We enjoyed some traditional dances, Gandrung Banyuwangi and Jaran Goyang, performed by the locals. Other than getting explanation about the background story of both dances, international students got to experience the dances themselves. They were invited to come on the stage and perform the dances. We had so much fun until almost midnight. We ended the day by exchanging token of appreciation between UNAIR, represented by Ms. Astria Okta, as the Division Head of International Services, AGE and the Head of Osing tribe.

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