Thursday, November 14, 2019

CERIA Participants Explores Jember

On Sunday (8/7) participants of the Community Empowerment Program at Universitas Arilangga (CERIA) were exploring Jember, East Java by visiting the Coffee and Cacao Research Centre, Papuma beach, and Teluk Cinta (‘Bay of Love’ in English). Yesterday was a recreation day after doing several community services and empowerments for 4 days in Rambipuji sub-district, in Jember. This year, CERIA involves 25 international participants from all over the world who are then met with the local students of Universitas Airlangga to undergo community services and also local culture excursions. Collectively, these 40 participants are then divided into 5 teams that will stay in five different villages in Jember, which are the villages of Rambipuji, Rambigundam, Nogosari, Pecoro, and Rowotamtu.

The participants of CERIA learned firsthand regarding the difficulties of coffee and cocoa agriculture and how the local people use these vegetation in their local economies and life. As Jember is an agriculture based society, farms and plantation plays a very important role in the local life and progress of the region. Participants were also able to visit Papuma Beach which is a local attraction in Jember. The beach, and the Bay of Love provide participants an atmosphere of calm and relaxation after days of community service.

The involvement and interaction, through community services and empowerment by involving and interacting with the local villagers directly, are hoped to be beneficial both to the participants and the local communities. Through involving themselves to interract and help the local people directly, it is hoped to achieve the program’s goal of creating happiness (hence the program’s name “CERIA” meaning happy in Bahasa Indonesia).


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