UNAIR SATRIA Pre Departure Orientation

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Monday, 16 February 2015 Outbound Mobility team of International Office and Partnership Universitas Airlangga (IOP UNAIR) invites 7 students from various faculties of Universitas Airlangga who are going to have their next semester abroad to UNAIR SATRIA Pre Departure Orientation. The orientation aims to prepare the students for their semester abroad, and also to be the 'ambassador' of UNAIR during their study abroad as UNAIR SATRIA (UNAIR Student Ambassador for inTeRnatIonal progrAm)

The students will embark on a semester abroad at various universities abroad such as China (SIAS University), South Korea (Daejeon University & Chonnam National University), and Japan (Nagasaki University).

Start your international journey now, and be one of proud UNAIR SATRIA(s). Write your own amazing Study Abroad Experience and spread UNAIR around the world by applying various international programs offered through IOP UNAIR.