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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

#-FAQ for International

1. I am interested to study at UA as a fulltime student. How do I register as a regular student at UA? What are the requirements?

You can read more information from PPMB UA website

2. I am interested to study at UA for a short period. is there any short / special program?

There are numerous short programs are available at UA. Arranged by the source of funding, these programs are

Scholarship-funded programs

  • Darmasiswa program

Visit this page for more info

  • KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang / Developing countries partnership) program

Visit this page for more info

  • AUN-ACTS program

Visit this page for more info

Self-funded programs

  • ASSIC (Airlangga Short Summer International Course)

Visit this page for more info

  • Summer Program

Coming Soon

3. What is the language of instruction?

All regular classes are taught in Bahasa Indonesia

Except for International class program on Faculty of Medicine

Language instruction for short programs such as Darmasiswa, KNB, AUN-ACTS, and Summer programs are taught in English

4. More FAQs will be added.


#-FAQ for UA Student

1. I am interested to apply to exchange programs, how do I apply?

Directions to apply exchange programs varies from one another, all the information should be available on the announcement page.

2. Most of the scholarships I try to apply require some documents, how do I obtain it?

  • English Proficiency certificate

To obtain TOEFL ITP certificate you can take the test at PINLABS UA , or other institutions which organize the test. Make sure you check the test date and the result date.

To obtain TOEFL iBT certificate you can get the information here.

To obtain IELTS certificate you can get the information here.

  • Letter of Recommendation

You can get letter of recommendation from the lecturer, Head of Department, Professor, etc. that you know well and will give you good recommendation.

  • Academic Transcript in English

You can get academic transcript in English from academic affairs on the faculty where you study. Additional fee may apply to obtain this certificate. Processing time varies for each faculty.

Another way if the first step does not apply, you can request academic transcript in Bahasa, then translate it using sworn translator service. You will require an amount of expense for this.

  • Translated documents

Most institution requires required official documents in Bahasa to be translated to English. In order to get your translated documents accepted, you are required to use sworn translator service.

  • Health certificate

You can obtain Health certificate on Laboratorium Health centers

3. Most of the universities abroad have exchange student program / exchange scholarship but only offered to partner universities, who are UA's partner universities abroad?

You can open this page to find UA’s international partners.

4. Apakah ada scholarship untuk alih jenis?

Informasi yang masuk ke IOP dari universitas rekan kami sejauh ini belum menawarkan beasiswa demikian.

5. I am interested to apply Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program. Is it available?

Availability of Erasmus Mundus program for UA scholars varies yearly. We announce the opportunity when it’s available.

6. I just accepted to present my paper for a conference abroad, could IOP UA Help my funding?

Please read this page.

7. More FAQ will be added.

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