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FISIP Idea Matter is Back!! Dare to participate everyone?

Faculty Social Sciences and Politic Sciences of Universitas Airlangga hold an essay competition namely FISIP Ideas Matter (FIM). This year, the theme’s competition is “Millenial Challenges in Digital Era: Striving Creativity, Pursuing Innovation and Necessity of Action”. Special for the fifth year-row competition, they take a greater way by making this competition open for international undergraduate students around the world. What a great way to challenge the most creative and critical generation!


The competition itself have many sub themes, including:

-          Digital Security: War Against Digital Terrorism and Digital Crime

-          Youth and Media: How Youth Perceives Hoax, Hate Speech and Provocative Content in Digital Media

-          Innovation and Ingenuity Ideas Trade: When Creativity Evolved into Solutions

-          Digital Creativity Economy: the New Driving Force of Business Growth and Youth Opportunity

-          E-Politics as the New Emerging Power of Youth Political Participation

-          Digital Literacy for an Increase of Literacy Number: the Question of Digital Equity

-          Digital Education Policies around the World: Practices Comparison

-          The Relevancy of Medical Ethics in Digital Era

Application Deadline:

10 November 2018

Program Benefits:

-          Publication of ISBN-certified book

-          Lecturing

-          Company Visit and City Tour

-          Total prize:
        - 1st Place = IDR. 3,000,000 + Plaque + Certificate + Publication
        - 2nd Place = IDR. 2,000,000 + Plaque + Certificate + Publication
        - 3rd Place = IDR. 1,000,000 + Plaque + Certificate + Publication

Regulation of FIM 5.0 Participants:

-          This essay competition are individual

-          One person is only allowed to send one essay

-          Essay have never been published or contested before

-          Format of the essay, as follows:

  1. Times New Roman font: 12
  2. Margin: 4, 3, 3, 3
  3. Space: 1.5
  4. 2000-2750 words (in English)


Provisions For Writing
    • Essay content is a discussion of one sub-theme that is determined and does not come out of the FIM 5.0 theme.
    • The title of the essay must be specific and effective, written in 9-14 words.
    • Structure of essay writing:
        - Introduction (5%)
        - Essay content (85-90%)
        - Conclusion (5-10%)
    • Systematics of essay writing:
        - Using reference citation running note model
            ? Wade (2007)
            ? (Wade 2007)
            ? (Martin 2006; Johnson 2008)
            ? (Faloladann Genova 2005)
            ? (Eizenstat et al. 2005)
            ? (Sieuw, t.t.)
            ? "Indonesian Strategic Study" (2005)
            ? (Laquer 1987 & 1999)
            ? (Sageman 2004 in Dempsey 2006)
        - Avoid using points in alphabet, numerical, or roman. But directly in the paragraph (example: (1) ..., (2) ...)
        - References are written in alphabetical order of the author's last name and have been classified according to sources (e.g. books, online articles, working papers, newspapers, etc.).
        - Essays can be narrative essays, descriptive essays, and persuasive essays

   Application Procedures:

    1. Participants register by filling out the FIM 5.0 registration form at before 10 November 2018
    2. Registration is accepted if you have received a reply message via email from the committee.
    3.  Essays are collected in the form of .pdf and .doc files to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , before October 10, 2018 at 11:55 p.m. by FIM_Name of Participant_University as the email’s subject.
    4. The essay that has been sent cannot be changed or edited.
    5. For 15 participants with the best essays, they will enter the next round in Surabaya.
    6. Participants who qualify will be charged an accommodation fee of IDR 250,000.00 while in Surabaya.
    7. If the participant is proven to commit fraud and plagiarism, the committee has the right to disqualify the participant.
    8. All decisions from both the jury and the committee cannot be contested.

   Should you need further information regarding the competition, do not hesitate to contact the organizer by phone (Line) at: 082125607630 (Erza)

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