[CALL FOR PARTICIPANT] Airlangga Global Day 2017 International Students Competition

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Airlangga Global Day 2017 is coming soon, be prepared for one of the biggest international events from Airlangga Global Engagement. Airlangga Global Engagement is calling for participants to be actively involved on Airlangga Global Day Competition 2017.

Criteria :

  1. International students across East Java.
  2. One participant is allowed to join 3 competitions.
  3. One university shall have at least 3 and maximum 8 delegations to participate in the competitions.  


Winner :

  1. There will be 3 winners for each competition.
  2. Grand champion will be awarded to one university with the most winner.


Competitions :

  1. Karaoke competition.

-          Committed by 1 person.

-          The participant must sing one of 10 popular Indonesian songs provided by the committee.

  1. Crackers race.

-          A group consists of 3 persons.

-          Each member will eat the crackers alternately.

  1. Dropping the nail in the bottle.

-          A group consists of 3 persons.

-          Each member must drop the nail in the bottle with tied nail arround their waist.

  1. Straw race.

-          A group consists of 3 persons.

-          Each member must transfer the rubber bracelets to another member by biting a straw.

  1. Marble race.

-          A group consists of 3 persons.

-          Each member will bite a spoon with a marble on it, then collect it to a bowl.

  1. Reading javanese news.

-          Committed by 1 person.

-          The participants have 5 minutes to read  the news script.

-          The participants provide their own script to read during the competition with the latest topic.


If you are interested in joining the competitions above, kindly contacct the international office in your university. What are you waiting for? Enroll yourself and be the witness of one of our incredible events!!!

Note :

-          The committee does not provide any pick up service or accomodation during the event.

-          All the competitions are free of charge.

For further information, kindly reach :

Ni'man 081939211819 (Whatsapp only)

Submission due date : 31st October, 2017