Monday, May 25, 2020

Don't miss the chance to participate in The 7th USL-Symposium in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Humanitarian Affairs and the Vietnam Government cordially invite 10 students and staffs from Airlangga University to attend the 7th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hanoi, Vietnam from August 7 to 10 2016.

The Symposium brings together over 1,000 delegates from more than 60 countries, to partake in this life changing opportunity. The 7th USLS; Inspiring Individuals, Transforming Communities, will reinforce the idea of Global Citizenship by connecting like-minded individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, influential humanitarian leaders will inspire delegates to identify themselves as Global Citizens through the stories they share and the humanitarian conflicts they present. The USLS will also provide student leaders with the knowledge to take actions that benefit communities in need.

The Symposium will invite over 8 world-renowned speakers to highlight the humanitarian issues the world faces today. The influential leaders that delegates will have the privilege to learn from, during the program, will include an American Nobel Peace Prize finalist, several TED Talk speakers and founders of accomplished NGOs. To name a few, Tim Peters is an American Nobel Peace Prize finalist and the world’s most visible advocate for human rights in North Korea. Peters will return this year to the USLS to address the challenges he overcame to gain the American government’s approval for the first North Korean refugee. Delegates will also hear from Susan Hammond, a daughter of a United States Vietnam Veteran and a leading expert on Agent Orange.

If you would like to know more about the 7th USLS, please visit or simply contact our IOP staff!

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