International Workshop on Marine Biotechnology and AnMicro

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International Workshop on Marine Biotechnology and AnMicro is a string of 3-day Workshop conducted by Universitas Airlangga, taking place in the Center of Tropical Disease starting from the 8th until the 11th of October. The workshop is participated by Numerous academics and experts of corresponding field coming from various Nations, also students and academics from various Universities all over Indonesia.


Bellow is the short summary of said event:

Day 1 - (8/10) began with a presentation from the keynote speakers and Focus Group Discussion after lunch.
The guests and participants were later invited to a feast in the City Hall, where they got to enjoy several performances, from traditional dance to a voluntary performance from our Executive Director.

Day 2 - (9/10) — started a bit later than the first day, but still as packed. The participants presented each of their proposals and held a Q&A session after each presentation.
After lunch, some of the participants joined a city tour around Surabaya, where they were entertained with the story of history of Surabaya in Museum Tugu Pahlawan and had a tour around House of Sampoerna.

Day 3 - (10/10) - the day started as usual with presentations and discussions. The participants seemed keen in getting as much information as they can from the visiting experts, in this last day of the event.
The day ended with a simple farewell after everyone had lunch.