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International Office & Partnership (IOP) is a bridge for both international and domestic institutions to establish a partnership with Universitas Airlanggga. The office has been managed by young, energetic and competent people since it was founded in 2010.  It was also the year when Universitas Airlangga announced a 5-year plan to become one of the most prominent world-class universities.

Generally, IOP has two main functions, namely:

  • As an Entry Unit or the entrance for potential institutions which want to build international or domestic partnerships with Universitas Airlangga, and to maintain the development of national and international networks.
  • As a Connecting Unit between potential partners and all other related units or faculties within Universitas Airlangga. 

To be more pro-active, progressive, productive and professional, IOP basically has three core activities. The first is Academic Mobility, covering incoming mobility by organizing, coordinating, and accommodating international students and academicians who want to get involved in Universitas Airlangga’s activities, and outgoing mobility which covers the organizing, coordinating, and accommodating students and academicians from Universitas Airlangga to do academic activities abroad, such as student exchanges or scholarship programs, and also providing information about visas. The second activity is about initializing, facilitating, conducting and developing the national as well as the international network. The last activity is about overseeing and evaluating all international and national partnerships and collaborations; thus, IOP can offer powerful aids for the development of the university and for actualizing the goal of becoming a world-class university.

IOP always tries its best to accomplish these following missions:

  • Initializing national and international network and also partnership in education, research and community service.
  • Facilitating national and international network and also partnership in education, research and community service.
  • Developing national and international network and also partnership in education, research and community service.


IOP Structure

Struktur IOP 2017

IOP UNAIR: Services and The People

 1. International Partnerships

International Partnership desk helps to facilitate the international activities such as: initializing, facilitating, conducting and developing the international network. We assist the departments, and faculty with international collaboration development, as well as with strategic planning for partnership development and implementation. Also, has a responsibility for specific projects, either as a part of team or individual for example arranging a visit from potential partners, creating and accommodating the short international programs that linked with other units or faculties.  

The main duty of International Partnership Desk is:

  • Administrative support for international partnership
  • Administrative support for the MoU document
  • Correspondence with the International Partner regarding the international Partnership
  • Planner and coordinator for special projects
  • Attending the International Education exhibition in addition to expand the networking
  • Receiving and accommodating the International Partner visitation to Universitas Airlangga for the potential collaboration.
  • Liaison for other units, faculties and other division.


 2. International Services

International services unit is a part of IOP Unair which assists all international mobility in Universitas Airlangga. Here, mobility means all activities dealing with academic mobility for both international incoming and outcoming in Universitas Airlangga.

The main duties of Mobility services are:

  • Sharing the information about the international programs that will be the aim of Universitas Airlangga academicians
  • Contacting the institution dealing with the arrival and first settlement of Univeristas Airlangga academicians to their aimed institutions
  • Sharing the information dealing with visa and the departure of Univeristas Airlangga academicians to go abroad
  • Providing the acceptance/invitation letter, the guarantee letter, the reference letter, and the covering letter for visa application
  • Providing student orientation session for inbound students (Abisatya Airlangga) and outbound students (Satria Airlangga)
  • Assisting housing situation, opening bank account, student card application, and visa extension for outbound students
  • Providing cultural trip to introduce Indonesia tourism potency for outbound students 


 3. International Programs

Desk of International program is divided into two coordinators, UNAIR International Programs and Study Abroad.

Unair International programs

Desk of international program is responsible for mapping and initiating potential non-partnership international program. It manages and implements some international programs, including Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate at Airlangga (AMERTA), Airlangga Summer Program, Community Empowerment Program at Airlangga (CERIA), and other tailor-made international programs at university level. It promotes international programs and manages recruitment of international students.  It is also responsible to maintain the internal coordination with other offices in our university, such as admission office, Directorate for Academic Affairs, faculty, and International Student Service. It also strengthens a good relationship with our international partners in promoting the recruitment of international students. It Monitors, recommends and evaluates international programs.

Job Description of International Program

  • Maps and initiate the opportunity of non-partnership mobility programs
  • Sets standards for international programs’ implementation
  • Oversees the implementation of international programs; both for incoming mobility and its implementation process, provides reviews, recommendations, monitoring and evaluations of international programs
  • Maintains database IMA
  • Promotes and manages recruitment process of international programs
  • Coordinates with Admission Office, Director of Academic Affairs and faculties/units/centres in processing international recruitments
  • Monitors, recommends and evaluates international programs
  • Coordinates with International Services about international students and international visiting scholars


Study abroad

This division assists the students, scholars, and staffs of Universitas Airlangga who would like to go abroad for an exchange program in partner and non-partner institutions. It coordinates with related institutions for the program arrangement. It also arranges a selection and registration procedure to nominate the students, scholars, and staffs for some programs upon agreement with the partner. Furthermore, this division is responsible to arrange promotional activities to disseminate the international programs to the students, scholars, and staffs through presentation and sharing session, as well as actively promote the programs in social media. 

Job Description

  1. Maps and proposes targeted partners to conduct mutual exchange program for students, scholars, and staffs
  2. Promotes the scholarship programs to the students, scholars, and staffs
  3. Increases the number of students, scholars, and staffs to receive a scholarship program
  4. Disseminates the information about the international programs for study abroad to the students and scholars
  5. Administers social media to communicate with the students and scholars regarding the Study Abroad Programs
  6. Coordinates the partner universities for the administration arrangement, accommodation and local transportation for the students and scholars 
  7. Generates information about the prospective international programs/scholarship/mobility
  8. Provides presentation, consultation and orientation for Study Abroad Programs


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