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Strategic Meeting between University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and Universitas Airlangga

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Strategic Meeting with University of Glasgow - Glasgow, Scotland UK

Universitas Airlangga

2 September 2014

On 2 September 2014, Universitas Airlangga is welcoming three delegations from University of Glasgow - Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The delegates are: Naomi Graham – Deputy Head of International Office, Prof. Frank Coton – Vice Principal and Prof. Julian Dow - International Lead for the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences. The meeting was held at UNAIR's Management Building and attended by faculty & IOP representatives.

The agenda was to discuss possible academic collaboration through research and exchange program between UNAIR and University of Glasgow-Scotland. Some of the proposed plans included the clinical elective, student/staff exchange and and possibilities of joint research. Since, University of Glasgow is well rank in research, it is a gerat opportunity for UNAIR to develop a partnership, especially in Tropical Disease Issued