Paper Submission

ASAIHL International Conference, 1-2 May 2013

Venue : Airlangga Convention Center
Paper Submission Due : April 1, 2013
Theme: “Advancing Collaborative Strategy for Achieving Excellence”.

The four sub-themes are as follows:

International Curricula : Standardization vs Harmonization
Academic Mobility : Creating co-op education
Research Collaboration : Matchmaking research with industry
Sustaining Academic Publication : Designated to academician, practitioner, policy maker, who concern about the development of scientific writing technique, etc.

Abstract for papers presentations must be sent to: and by March 1,2013.

However, for Student Forum, the Abstract submission must be sent by March 18, 2013.

Proposal should include a title, abstract is not more than 250 words (Specifications: A4 with 1-inch margins, Times-Roman 12 font, single space, pdf file). Full Paper should have a maximum of 6 pages, standard letter size. Please also submit a CV of the paper presenter after notification of Paper Acceptance is published.

Delegation papers from the higher learning institution members of ASAIHL are also accepted as part of individual paper presentations. Delegation papers should get approval from the leader of the institution it presents.