ASAIHL International Conference 2013 : April 30-May 2, 2013
Universitas Airlangga
Surabaya, Indonesia

The main theme for STUDENT FORUM is “Students of the World”, which is including following sub-themes:
1. The role of student associations
2. Endorsing student mobility
3. Expanding student networking

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission: March 18, 2013
Full Paper Submission: April 1, 2013



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Indonesian International Office Meeting 2013 (30 April 2013)
ASAIHL International Conference 2013 (30 April – 3 May 2013)
International Student Forum 2013 (2 – 3 May 2013)


ASAIHL Introduction

Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) 2013 International Conference

“Advancing Collaborative Strategy for Achieving Excellence”

Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia, 30 April 3 May 2013

Achieving academic excellence by way of collaboration among members has been the main objective of ASAIHL. When eight public universities from Southeast Asia gathered for the establishment of ASAIHL in 1956, the founders of ASAIHL decided it as a non-government organization aimed at helping each other by a self-help mechanism as part of common effort to gain international excellence in the areas of teaching, research and community service.

Challenges in achieving academic excellence vary from time to time. From the time of its inception, ASAIHL has regularly met the challenges by actively initiating a variety of collaborations among members, which one of those is an annual international conference, each time with a relevant topical main theme, subject to the challenge of the period.

Asymmetric consequences of globalization could not be avoided from entering into educational sector. That means that for the higher educational institutions, globalization comes as a challenge in obtaining academic excellence. Within this context, to what extent collaboration can still be one of important mechanisms for ASAIHL in helping it to achieve academic excellence? In what areas strategic collaboration could possibly be strengthened by associations such as ASAIHL for avoiding negative effects of globalization? These are a few of many critical questions challenging higher learning institutions in the current era of globalization. One standard answer for meeting the challenge would be by forging collaborations among higher learning institutions, including the ones that have been going on through the mechanism of ASAIHL.

In today’s era of globalization, the role of the governmental and industrial sectors undeniably is gaining  more and more significant importance, especially when associated with the efforts to achieve academic excellences. It is also the responsibility of the government to guarantee the achievement of higher education goals. Meanwhile, higher education institutions have surely recognized the challenges that globalization has presented because they are not possible to be faced alone; therefore, the role of the government deserves an important spot. At the same time, the role of the industrial sector is also important.  Academic excellence for example can be measured by looking at the high number of  higher education outputs that correspond to the needs of industrial sector.

In the context explained above and with the endorsement of the ASAIHL Board, Airlangga University took the initiative to host the ASAIHL International Conference 2013 with the main theme  “Advancing Collaborative Strategy for Achieving Excellence”.